Client Testimonials


Ranch House Meat Company

Venison World, P O Box 977 Menard, Texas 76859

“Brad Carter has been our Mail Order Management consultant for several years. He is a particularly competent individual and has been a wonderful resource for us. Brad has helped us navigate through several special projects, including upgrading our Mail Order Manager software and integrating with FEDEX Web Services. We have total and complete confidence in his knowledge of and expertise in addressing MOM related issues.

One of the special projects we tackled with Mr. Carter’s help is setting up procedures for inventory management utilizing Geneva Business Management Systems, QuickBooks and Mail Order Management. Since we are a manufacturing facility, we needed a more robust manufacturing inventory management system than Mail Order Management provides. Therefore, Brad worked with us, our QuickBooks Consultant and the technical service personnel at Geneva Business Management Systems to coordinate how to maintain both raw materials inventory and finished goods inventory utilizing the three software programs. We are so grateful that we can count on Brad and his vast knowledge to help us solve problems and maintain Mail Order Manager in good working order. He has always been very gracious to cooperate with others when needed to address the challenges we have encountered in utilizing Mail Order Manager.

Moreover, Brad has come to work with us onsite. We so enjoyed the opportunity to work with him in person. He is an honest, and soft-spoken person who is always patient and helpful with all of our customer service representatives and accounting personnel. Additionally, since Brad is so competent in helping to solve Mail Order Management issues, he is a fantastic source of technical expertise and advice concerning MOM and MOM-related topics.

We wholeheartedly recommend Brad Carter to businesses needing a capable, dependable and helpful Mail Order Manager consultant. We have been elated with his help in the past and look forward to a long and rewarding association with Carter D M Consulting.”


"We have used Brad for over 5 years. If we need him in a hurry, we can count on him to help us and get us back up and running in a very short period of time. If we have questions, he can answer them quickly and he provides us options. He is great to work with and a wonderful problem solver. "